Someone left the Internetz

in my car!
“It’s a system of tubes.”

a system of tubes
a large boxful of cardboard tubes in the back seat

(My son salvaged them from his job because he thought his nephew & niece would enjoy playing with them.)


And while at work:
Brain’s a little off today; mis-read a woman’s tee shirt as, “Bitchy is my nipple name”. [middle name]
APD (Auditory Processing Disorder) moment: mis-heard a customer’s location query for raisins as “razors” (which, unfortunately, are at opposite ends of the store).
Another APD moment, listening to the radio on the way home: “And now, the Snooze.” [this news]

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  1. ha ha ha Classic. We had the same problem when the kids were little. I wish I would have written them down. Now that they’re older we don’t get many funny lines. They also don’t spend as much time with us as, they have “friends to see.” You should keep track of these and do a big post.

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