0 thoughts on “Illuminated”

  1. I like that the spider looks as if it is floating-until you look closely. I think that spider webs are so cool-until I walk through them by accident and they get on my face…

    1. Yeah … just last week I had one of those “BLARG! ptth-ptth-pfft!” events. Did nothing for either the spider’s or my evening.

  2. I’ve a question, it’s totally off topic I’m afraid (except that it’s something to do with photography.)
    Do you know how to add a photo description, so blind people can know what’s on the pic?
    Dunno why I’m thinking you might know that, but you seem to have a lot of knowledge on different disability/accessibility issues.
    And while your page loaded, the subtitle of the pic showed on the space where the pic is.
    (Hope that just made any sense to you.)
    Maybe someone else knows. Anyways any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

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