Stop me, I'm having too much fun!

I keep fixing things around here, increasingly with the wonderful help of the Kid (who at 17 now has skillz in home repairs unmatched by his dad, which is a satisfying thing when you’re a teen).
The bad news is the increasing apparency of a 2b/f ratio, where 2 things break for every 1 thing fixed.  I replaced the garbage disposal, and one of the brackets for the shower towel rack broke, chipping the tub enamel as it fell.  I replaced a shower head, and the textured ceiling crap is coming off the bathroom ceiling (necessitating scraping it ALL off, then painting on sealant primer and ceiling white), and apparently I need to unclog the P-trap to the bathroom sink.  We replaced a light fixture in one bedroom, and I observe that the ants have found a new inlet around the kitchen sink/window, and a curtain tie breaks, spilling beads all over the floor.  We replaced a light fixture in another bedroom and two more garments get added to the mending pile.
And so it goes. Which is partly grousing and partly an explanation for why I’ve not finished several posts.
(Oh–there’s another bead…)

0 thoughts on “Stop me, I'm having too much fun!”

  1. hrmph, One can Never have too much Fun!
    (oh, just noticed the sarcasm tag, nawt)
    I hope all the Extra fun isn’t going to undermine anything important!

  2. I’ve gotten really good at ignoring it all, but unfortunately that means one day, usually when I can least handle it, the rose-colored glasses fall of and I see all of it–all of the unfinished, or never started, projects and repairs taunting me!

  3. It’s the give a mouse a cookie syndrome. Now that the house knows someone can fix it… things will break.

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