“I meant,” said Iplsore bitterly, “what is there in this world that makes living worthwhile?”

Death thought about it. ‘CATS’, he said eventually, “CATS ARE NICE.”
~ Terry Pratchett

Two great videos about two great things we love, Geeks and Cats.
This first one is captioned; Data is trying to train his cat, Spot. Well, that was the plan …
One of our cats is named Spot, after Data’s cat. Our Spot is also a very smart kitty.

Alas, the second one is not captioned, but is a hilarious video by a couple of engineers on cat care.
It’s Final Exams week over here; everyone’s up to their touchis in studies. Back to more serious blogging soon on the usual education-, disability- and insect-related issues.

0 thoughts on “"CATS ARE NICE."”

  1. “What the fuck?” said rayburns mom agrily, “What are you doing home from school at 2:00, and why is that wine bottle empty?”
    Rayburn thought about its ‘CATS,. he said eventually, “CATS ARE NICE.”
    -The Group

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