Things that make you say, "Hmn…"

Fresh news story about the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center from the Associated Press:
The security camera videotapes of recent incidents at the JRC were destroyed, despite direct orders for them to be saved. The incidents involved two students who were wrongly given numerous electrical shocks by staff members, as a result of prank phone calls.

One student was shocked 77 times and the other 29 times after a prank caller posing as a supervisor ordered the treatments at a Judge Rotenberg Educational Center group home in August. The boys are 16 and 19 years old and one was treated for first-degree burns.
The Disabled Persons Protection Commission planned to release the report Tuesday concluding that one of the teenagers was severely physically and emotionally abused by the treatments. The commission has referred the case to the Norfolk district attorney’s office.

One of the Commission’s investigators had requested copies of the tapes because they were needed to complete a report.

But school officials declined, saying they “did not want any possibility of the images getting into the media.” The investigator told the school to preserve a copy so state police could use it in their criminal investigation. A trooper later told the investigator the tapes had been destroyed.

Amazing how often tapes of alarming or incriminating events get erased (Watergate) or destroyed (waterboarding).

State Sen. Brian Joyce, who has long sought to ban shock therapy from the school, said Israel and his staff should be investigated for obstruction of justice.
“I believe the tape was intentionally destroyed because it was incriminating,” said Joyce, a Democrat. “I intend to ask the attorney general to investigate.”

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  1. The President has openly declared he is not bound by the laws against torture and defends the CIA for distroying videos of the act because they might hit the media.
    Dr. Israel has openly declared he is not bound by the laws against torture and defends the JRC for distroying videos of the act because they might hit the media.

  2. I don’t doubt you, but at the same time it is hard to believe, in the sense that they can get away with it, scott free.
    Best wishes

  3. Reading this, while this kind of autocratic stuff has obviously been going on at JRC for quite some while, it feels like some kind of sick, copycat consequence of knowing what government’s been at.
    It’s as though the administrators here thought “Well if *they* can do it…”

  4. I really hope this is the last straw for JRC, but I don’t know if I should expect it. 🙁
    It’s sickening – he really does consider himself to be above the law. Ick.

  5. Erm, addendum, not making light of anyone with an eating disorder, I’ve been there but guess it has been long enough I can joke about it now- grasping at straws for humor in light of another JRC tragedy.

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